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This PHP file must be saved in UTF-8 encoding.

function stripVN($str) {
    $str = preg_replace("/(à|á|ạ|ả|ã|â|ầ|ấ|ậ|ẩ|ẫ|ă|ằ|ắ|ặ|ẳ|ẵ)/", 'a', $str);
    $str = preg_replace("/(è|é|ẹ|ẻ|ẽ|ê|ề|ế|ệ|ể|ễ)/", 'e', $str);
    $str = preg_replace("/(ì|í|ị|ỉ|ĩ)/", 'i', $str);
    $str = preg_replace("/(ò|ó|ọ|ỏ|õ|ô|ồ|ố|ộ|ổ|ỗ|ơ|ờ|ớ|ợ|ở|ỡ)/", 'o', $str);
    $str = preg_replace("/(ù|ú|ụ|ủ|ũ|ư|ừ|ứ|ự|ử|ữ)/", 'u', $str);
    $str = preg_replace("/(ỳ|ý|ỵ|ỷ|ỹ)/", 'y', $str);
    $str = preg_replace("/(đ)/", 'd', $str);

    $str = preg_replace("/(À|Á|Ạ|Ả|Ã|Â|Ầ|Ấ|Ậ|Ẩ|Ẫ|Ă|Ằ|Ắ|Ặ|Ẳ|Ẵ)/", 'A', $str);
    $str = preg_replace("/(È|É|Ẹ|Ẻ|Ẽ|Ê|Ề|Ế|Ệ|Ể|Ễ)/", 'E', $str);
    $str = preg_replace("/(Ì|Í|Ị|Ỉ|Ĩ)/", 'I', $str);
    $str = preg_replace("/(Ò|Ó|Ọ|Ỏ|Õ|Ô|Ồ|Ố|Ộ|Ổ|Ỗ|Ơ|Ờ|Ớ|Ợ|Ở|Ỡ)/", 'O', $str);
    $str = preg_replace("/(Ù|Ú|Ụ|Ủ|Ũ|Ư|Ừ|Ứ|Ự|Ử|Ữ)/", 'U', $str);
    $str = preg_replace("/(Ỳ|Ý|Ỵ|Ỷ|Ỹ)/", 'Y', $str);
    $str = preg_replace("/(Đ)/", 'D', $str);
    return $str;

$string = "Cộng hòa xã hội chủ nghĩa Việt Nam";
$xstring = stripVN($string);

echo $xstring;
//Output: Cong hoa xa hoi chu nghia Viet Nam


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Is there a function that coverts special characters to their english equivalents. For Eg. Convert é to e. Etc...

asked Mar 2, 2010 at 9:03

The function you are after is iconv() - from the user notes, this seems to be what you want to do: characters transliteration

answered Mar 2, 2010 at 9:09


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You should use this one and it will works:

setlocale(LC_CTYPE, 'nl_BE.utf8');
$string = iconv('UTF-8', 'ASCII//TRANSLIT', $string);

I've tested it a lot of accentuated characters


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answered Apr 28, 2010 at 12:07

If you don't like danp's solution (iconv), you could use strtr with a list of conversions. This page has a sample script (first Google result).

answered Mar 2, 2010 at 9:17


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You could make a function holding a array of chars you want exchanged and pass strings through and just change ã to a that way, if iconv() doesn´t work out for you.

answered Mar 2, 2010 at 10:16

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